Buy Henry Golden Boy 22LR Second Amendment Rifle online


Buy Henry Golden Boy 22LR Second Amendment Rifle online

 Buy Henry Golden Boy 22LR Second Amendment Tribute Edition Heirloom Rifle Online The Henry NRA Second Amendment Tribute rifle is based on the proven Golden Boy platform, featuring a 20” octagon blued barrel and an American walnut furniture. This  in Henry rifle is chambered.22 S/L/LR caliber and features a .22 LR magazine capacity of 16 rounds.

The receiver cover, barrel band, and carbine-style buttplate are all brightly-polished in a hi-gloss silver-toned finish, and the cover is embellished on both side flats with 19th Century floral engraving set off by 24K gold plated and raised-relief symbology that includes on its right side a flintlock rifle above the now-famous FROM MY COLD DEAD HANDS statement made by Charlton Heston, NRA president from 1998-2003, at the 2000 NRA convention, and on the smaller panel the NRA Seal.

The left side features a gold American eagle in flight, the Second Amendment in a gold shield, and the Bill Of Rights in a gold scroll.