Buy Henry .350 Legend Single Shot Rifle online


Buy Henry .350 Legend Single Shot Rifle Online

Product description

Buy Henry .350 Legend Single Shot Rifle online Henry Repeating Arms Single Shot Rifles are breathtaking. They span .357 Mag, .44 Mag, .45-70, .223, .243., .308, .30-30, .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster calibers. These are paired with either a brass receiver/straight stock or a blued receiver/curved grip American stock as detailed further below.

Henry’s history of centerfire single-shot rifles is extensive. These relatively new (as of 2017) break-action one-shooters bake in the latest manufacturing and quality with superb classic retro-looks mating 22” round steel barrels, blued steel or polished brass receivers and front and rear walnut furniture. Length of pull is 14” and overall length is 37.5”.

These guns have hooded brass bead front sights, fully adjustable folding leaf rear sights, and drilled and tapped receivers for Weaver 82 mounts so you can mount a scope. Non-ejecting extractors put spent casings to your fingertips.

The American stock has a blued steel receiver, a nice thick solid black rubber buttpad and textured grip areas on the furniture while the straight English stock has a brass receiver and a brass crescent buttplate. Henry terms these “steel” and “brass” guns, respectively.

Both steel and brass guns include .357 Mag, .44 Mag and .45-70 calibers. Steel also offers .223, .243., .308, .30-30, .350 Legend and .450 Bushmaster options. These guns weigh between 6.7 to 7.4 pounds.

No matter which you get, there is a wonderful simplicity to single-shot architecture. This keeps the guns relatively affordable though Henry is a premium product. The external hammer spur will guide your eye to the frame locking lever. Henry made it ambidextrous so it can pivot either right or left from center to break open. Moreover, all standardize certain features such as swivel studs at front and back, a simplicity and elegance of classic lines, and more.

For safety, Henry devised an interlock system that keeps the barrel locked if the hammer is cocked and prevents the gun from being closed if the hammer is cocked while the gun is open. The design also uses a rebounding hammer that prevents the firing pin getting inadvertently triggered.



Buy Henry .350 Legend Single Shot Rifle Online


Buy Henry .350 Legend Single Shot Rifle Online